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Asset Protection for Professionals and Business Owners in the Surrounding Metro Detroit Area

Lawsuits are reportedly filed in America every 6 seconds. If you’re a working professional or business owner, your estate could be at risk of a lawsuit or settlement. Unfortunately, even the most modest estate can be prey to all kinds of court claims, real or false, such as an alleged:

  • Car Accident (not fully covered by insurance)
  • Slip and fall at your home, business or rental property
  • Personal or business debt
  • Rental property tenant claim
  • Malpractice or error in your profession
  • Liability as partner, officer, director or board member
  • Guarantee of another’s debt

Lawsuits are not only a headache for both parties involved but, regardless of right or wrong, come with a price tag, which can be very high. Fortunately, proper advance planning with Wall Law can help place strong defensive shields around your personal or business assets that may not only dissuade those thinking about suing you but also give you considerable leverage to settle matters at a low cost.

Many of our Advanced Level Planning strategies may provide you with significant asset protection (such as the Irrevocable Trust, Personal Residence Trust, FLP, LLC, GRAT). Other, even more sophisticated strategies may be warranted, including the Domestic Asset Protection Trust. We can implement these Asset Protection strategies with our “of counsel” specialists to assist you, as appropriate.

Wall Law is your Metro Detroit lawyer for life and can help you understand your planning options to preserve your wealth and family values for future generations. Have peace of mind, contact us today, and learn more about how we can help meet your asset protection needs in Oakland County, Wayne County, Macomb County, and surrounding Metro Detroit areas.

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